To put it pretty simply, this website is for personal use. I play games, I post about them, I build houses, I stream from time to time, so this space, this little haven here, is MINE. That being said, some rules of etiquette should be followed.

• Trolls are not welcome. If you have some kind of problem with me from this blog or anywhere else on the internet, I invite you to post about it elsewhere. Do not bring your drama here. Thanks!~

• DO NOT spam me or other posters.

• Swearing is allowed, but any terms or comments that degrade a race, sexuality, religious preference, political views, etc. etc. is not allowed and will get you a one-strike ban. If you want to be a bigoted human being, I’m sure there are other places you can do that. Go there.

• Any opinions posted here are strictly my opinions. You don’t have to agree with them. You can certainly tell me that you don’t agree, and we can have a rational and adult conversation. I love a good debate. However, keep it civil, and leave out personal attacks. If you can’t behave yourself, then you’ll have to go elsewhere.