Skyrim | Big Billy Bad Ass

Hey there!

So I’ve been playing Skyrim a lot as of late. I have never finished the main storyline of the game, so that’s what I’ve been working towards. But with Skyrim, you run into the problem of all these side questlines and all these mini quests that you sort of get lost. So I’ve been working on the big side quests first, and then I’ll be good and ready to continue through the war and dragon quest lines.

So, Tessa Jenkins is Harbinger of the Companions, is about to be the big head of the College, slaughtered the Dark Brotherhood (I’ve finished that quest line before, but never really did the whole kill them all part before), and recently, just became the big head of the Thieves Guild. Bwahaha!

Side note: If you play with mods, I highly recommend the Forgotten City quest mod. It offers a pretty good quest line complete with new characters, professional voice acting, and a great soundtrack. If you’re playing special edition, you can find it here. If you’re playing standard Skyrim, you can find it here.

Sworn in as leader of the Thieves Guild


Nightingale Armor. ❤

Have you been playing Skyrim lately? How you doing?



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