Founding a Civilization | Civilization VI

I’m a bit late to the Civilization VI party. Our finances were garbage and I have been wanting to play this game for a long time. I was glad to be able to start playing and I started with a tutorial to catch up on the changes (amenities instead of happiness? Yeeeees.) and then started by playing Tomyris of Scythia.


I love the look of the game, I love all the changes, and I enjoy talking trash to the other leaders when they get offended by something I do with my own civilization. “You have settled too close!” Oh go screw yourself, pal. Had you had the opportunity, you would have too. You’re just mad because my new city has control of some iron. I managed to piss off three leaders at once with the founding of a new city. Boo hoo. Call the WHAMBULANCE! 😀




Now to be fair, my adventure with Tomyris isn’t going so great. She is currently surrounded by other empires and very far behind. I think I’m gonna get my ass kicked with her. Victoria of England though? Oh, she’s gonna go far, methinks. I’ll post more about these two civilizations I’m working on soon. 🙂




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