A Return to Norrath

I haven’t played EverQuest II in quite some time. It was the first MMO I ever played (and how I met my husband), so whenever I am asked about my absolute favorite MMO, my immediate answer is EverQuest II.

I loved everything about it, from the questing to the crafting. I love the collections and heritage quests. I enjoy that you don’t necessarily need a group to get through your levels. You can solo all the way up to the max if you want. The game is still around, although the amount of servers available has shrunk considerably over the years. They have added some new server types, like your regular and standard server, to servers that offer a barter system economy between players (Free Trade) and another that gives the players the ability to vote for the expansion they wanted added to that server for a certain length of time, among others. There are still people around, in fact, I saw a couple of names from way back when, mid-2000s, when I first started playing.

I still have my original character, a Conjuror, the first I ever played, although a name change and a race change happened (love the Fae). No longer at the max level, she is still powerful, and I really need to work on her provisioning. I have created two others to try out rogue roles, such as Swashbuckler and Assassin. I’m enjoying the return to Norrath and playing through the various areas that I fondly remember. I have never really minded questing, or grinding. You don’t have to continuously adventure, you can always taking up crafting, or you can collect shinies for collections, or harvest raw items and sell them. Sure, there are MMOs, such as WoW, SWTOR, FFXIV and DCUO, having plenty of pros and cons of their own, but my greatest adventures will always have been had in Norrath. If you still play, you’re more than welcome to find me on the Maj’Dul server. 🙂


Ameriel, formerly Gany




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