The Grover Legacy – Madelynn

I constantly have to apologize here for not being around. Still juggling, still working, still trying to deal with crappy finances, etc. etc. We may finally have a light at the end of the tunnel, but we will only know for sure at the end of the coming week.

I fired up The Sims 3 and decided to do a legacy. Not a story legacy, but just your typical gameplay legacy. Along with hitting the 10th generation, my goals were to have one shared family trait that would be passed to each child (Green Thumb), and at the end of it all, have a functional farm with a beautiful farmhouse. We will see how that pans out. So here is the founder, Madelynn Grover!

She is almost to adult without any children or a husband since she’s in the culinary career as well as tending her own garden. I need to step it up or there won’t be any heirs to pass anything to. For those who don’t know, Legacy Island III (the world this legacy takes place on), was created by Rflong7, a very talented creator. It’s a beautiful world that incorporates all expansions, there are five different areas that blend together nicely, each one has a 64 lot for different legacy types (farm, tropical, mystical, city, etc.) and contains plenty of sims for interaction. I highly recommend this world for any type of play!


2 thoughts on “The Grover Legacy – Madelynn

  1. Hopefully she’ll find a hubby soon. Life can get pretty hectic that’s for sure. I’d figure you would pop up when time allows. I’m on vaykay this week so baking and, surprisingly, playing the sims 4.

    Also, someone questioning an old post cuz it wasn’t about the sims on my blog, lol, wtf ever.

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    1. I tried to get Don Lothario to knock her up and he was having none of it. I was like dude WTF… are a manwhore. *pokes with a stick* we need an heir here, c’mon! What are you baking? I saw that comment on your blog and was like “well alrighty then” lol.


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