Skyrim Special Edition | The Adventure Continues

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a pretty good birthday, and am now spending the last hour of it playing some Skyrim with a drink before I go to bed. The graphics for the Special Edition truly are beautiful. However, that’s really all the upgrade was about. Nothing else was really added, and Nexus modders have been slowly upgrading their mods to be compatible with the new Special Edition. I do use the Campfire/Wet and Cold/Frostfall mods, which add a survival aspect to the game. You gotta keep an eye on what you wear, the weather, that sort of thing, or you can freeze. With this current character I’m playing, I’ve set a couple limits. No fast travel and no riding a paid wagon. It’s all travel by foot, and if I need to set up a campfire to stay warm and put out a tent to sleep in for the night, so be it. I’m really enjoying it. Other mods I have are just mesh fixes, updates to character looks, that sort of thing. But I also have a player home mod called Hunter’s Cabin (I miss Riverside Lodge from the original Skyrim, so I hope the creator updates it for special edition), and an overhaul to the Breezehome in Whiterun. Here are a couple screenies of my adventure with my archer/mage toon Tessa Jenkins. 🙂


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