Work’s Got Me ARRGGGHHH!

Haha, yep, I’ve been a bit absent of late. Between work, trying to still run my business (I have a potential client for Christmas photos in December!), and trying to take care of two kids and not let the house turn into a wreck (failing miserably), I find little time for myself. I have been working evening shifts (tonight will be the third night of it), and tomorrow I go in bright and early. And right now, our area is getting hit with some heavy wind and rain, so naturally everyone is coming into the store in the hopes of finding supplies should the power go out.

I have been dabbling in World of Warcraft a little bit, just for some grinding and stress relief. If you play any MMOs, you likely know the grind. I’ll play a MMO for a little while, almost religiously, get burned out, then not play for months. So when I come back, I start over with a brand new toon or two. This is a vicious cycle, as I have no characters at max level, lol. But it’s nice to start over and it’s almost relaxing to me to have them do the quests, level the professions, and just get lost in it. The Sims can sometimes be relaxing, except for when the game bugs out, or it’s almost tedious when working on a legacy (forage, gather, fish, save money, save money, then bills), and it starts to represent the current events in my life right now. Thankfully, when I’m done with all these shifts, I’ll be off for three days straight and can get back into working on the story, legacy, LP videos, etc. Right now, I’m just trying to enjoy what little time I have with a game I can afford to spend little time on. Trying to work on anything in The Sims will require time that I just don’t have at the moment.

That being said, I have a more “personal blog” where I just air out personal stuff, talk about real life, with some gaming and geek related stuff added on the side. Feel free to check it out! I’ll see you all when I finally get some much deserved time off work!


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