Videos Can Be Tough

So, I uploaded my second Let’s Play video last night. It’s been one thing after another when it comes to making these videos. The software I use to record (OBS) is messing with the mic, causing it to cut out and back in every so often. I ran into a couple other issues which caused me to have to re-play and re-record also. Then take on the near hour it took to render the video (I use Sony Vegas 13 Platinum), and then the 30 minutes to upload to YouTube. Props to those who do this on a regular basis and manage not to yank their hair out!

For me, Let’s Play videos are going to be those one or two per week that I will do, as I don’t want to burn myself, or the computer out in the process of making them. That being said, I’m gonna spend the next couple days just doing stories/builds/game play, and give the videos a break for a few days.

Another annoyance is the internet. There are these nifty little things you can plug into your wall outlet, which then brings the internet connectivity to your computer so you don’t have to use Wifi. You plug one into your router, which then sends the signal through the outlets in your home. You can plug another one into your computer so you are wired in. Well I’m in the opposite corner of the house from the router, and on another floor, so I don’t think this outlet is the strongest, because it keeps cutting out. Unfortunately, this could prove problematic for streaming, so before I stream, I’ve gotta fix that.

So, in the meantime, I’m gonna start working on the story, as well as start a Sims 4 Legacy! I will also get back into the Adventures of Madison soon also! I hope you all are having a great day, and for those of you in the southeastern United States, stay safe!


5 thoughts on “Videos Can Be Tough

  1. Keep working on your videos. I started a Let’s Play but haven’t updated in awhile. I’ve been too tired to concentrate and have been making editing mistakes. One day, I’ll have more energy.


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