The Cooper Legacy | Founder | Part 2

When we last saw Sienna, she had met a man named Allan, and they had started dating. She continued to work hard to earn money to expand her home, and eventually took a job in entertainment. She eventually proposed to Allan, because she just knew in her heart that he was the one. She planned to save up for a proper wedding……

But then she decided to elope in the kitchen…..with a broken faucet providing the decor.

Ahhh….when sims make their own decisions without your consent. When I heard the little music, I knew it was too late. C’mon, Sienna.

untitled shoot-8_SocialMedia.jpg
Nothing says wedding like confetti in a leaky kitchen.

Meh, but I digress. Perhaps it’s fitting that as the founder of this legacy, she just doesn’t and won’t have what she needs to do a wedding properly. That is something she can save up for for her children, right? Right. Anyway, in the days following, Allan himself started himself in the business career, while also spending time on his true passion, gardening.

He is also a bit of a goofball and loves to prank.

And then the bombshell was dropped. Sienna was pregnant! Much like the elopement between the two, this was rather unexpected and surprising. Given that both of them had just started their careers and were continuing to improve their home, what would a baby bring to the mix?

I was concerned about twins or even triplets.

But hey, it’s no fun if things go exactly as planned, right? Right. So the day came for the little one to be brought into the world, and lo and behold, like the challenge requires, it is a BOY!

Say hello to Connor!



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