The Cooper Legacy | Founder | Part 1

The furthest I have made it in a legacy challenge is the fourth generation. Let’s see if we can change that, shall we?

Introducing Sienna Cooper!

Sienna with the Knight on her empty lot, proving how broke she is. 🙂

Sienna’s aspiration is to have a successful lineage. She is family-oriented, clumsy, and a music lover! As per the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules and whatnot, I have chosen her succession to consist of strict equality (the heir must be opposite gender of the previous, so the next generation’s heir will have to be male), strictly traditional bloodline, and the heir will be chosen by a democracy, unless there are no other eligible heirs, meaning YOU decide who will inherit the next generation!

Now, as with a lot of legacy challenges, using cheats is frowned upon, so she has spent a good amount of time hanging around the park and other venues to fulfill needs and such. Of course, that means meeting plenty of interesting folks, like this lady here, who is more than happy to dive into trash cans and fall asleep sitting up.


It also gives her access to fun activities, such as fishing, gardening, and digging.


This handsome gent here is Allan, and as allowed by the rules of the challenge, was downloaded via the Gallery.


Given their compatibility, it did not take long at all for these two to become a thing. And yes, the big kiss happened in a park bathroom. Very classy, I know. 😉



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