The New Setup

Woohoo! So my husband gave me the go ahead to move my gaming computer and whatnot into the office space upstairs. This space was his little office/man cave thing, and it hadn’t been seeing much use, so hey, why not put it to some use?

There’s no TV, no children (although when I need to, I can have my son or daughter in here to hang out with me from time to time), decent lighting, so it should be a nice little space. This will also give me incentive to get all my business-related stuff set up on my laptop, which I will keep downstairs and use primarily for work. I should be able to take care of that during this coming week.

That being said, I’m all set to record/stream at times that are not strictly after the kids go to bed, although that will likely still be the main time I do, just so my husband isn’t watching them constantly all the time.

Computer in the old spot downstairs.
Computer in its new home upstairs.

I have pool league tonight, but once I get home, I will likely start a Let’s Play!


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