I came home from work last night with a monster headache. Note to self, bring medicine with me to work for those situations in the future.

That being said, I didn’t think sitting in front of a computer screen wouldn’t help, especially at 11:30 at night. So I took some medicine and went to bed instead. The problem with my setup that sort of disallows me from just recording and streaming whenever I would like is that my computer is in our living room, next to the TV, and during the day we have the kids, and my son can be especially loud and get into crap that he is not supposed to. And today being Sunday (NFL football day), the TV and house will be extra loud. So, that being said, I will try to do a recording later tonight once the kids are in bed and TV usage isn’t necessary.

Before we ran into money issues, I was planning to move the pool table out into our garage and free up the “dining area” which is actually a really nice space and would be a perfect set up for an office area for me. Sadly, we haven’t been able to do that, so I still have my gear and such stuck here. There is a very small bedroom upstairs that was originally an office for both of us, but I turned it into an office/man cave for the husband. I could steal that space back, but it would require disconnecting everything, carting it all upstairs, and then reconnecting it all. Not a hard task, I just don’t know that he’d agree with it. I will figure something out, because some nights, when the kids are finally down and I can have some privacy and quiet, it’s gotten late enough that I’m tired. So being able to do this during the day would be nice.

I’ll have a talk with him about doing that. Maybe that will work.


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