Sim Point Swindle

I haven’t bought Sim Points in awhile. I found an old prepaid gift card that we had gotten for Christmas and wanted to get that industrial oven from the store so I could have my sims open a restaurant.

So when I tried to buy Sim Points from the store, it took me to the Origin shop and then had the audacity to say “You need Sims 3 Starter Pack to use this”. Sims 3 Starter Pack? What in the fresh hell is that? So I looked and an immediate eyeroll occurred. I would need to buy something I already had just so I could buy and use Sim Points. Really?

Now, the great part of the story is that I got into the chat support and the tech was very polite and gave me a code for the Starter Pack. I wasn’t going to spend 20 bucks or sign up for a monthly subscription just to buy Sim Points. So I was able to get the Sim Points and get the industrial oven. Yay!

So, just a fair warning if you haven’t gotten Sim Points in awhile. I don’t know when they changed it, but you will need to not only purchase through Origin, but you will also have to have the “Sims 3 Starter Pack.” If you already have the games (which I imagine you do, or why would you even get Sim Points?), just get into the support chat, be polite, and they will hopefully give you the code (the tech I spoke with not only gave me the code, but added it automatically to the game library) which will then enable you to buy Sim Points.

But I have to question why this requirement was added. Why? If someone is interested in buying Sim Points, they are doing so to add to a game they already own. If someone doesn’t have The Sims 3, they wouldn’t be interested in Sim Points. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems ridiculous to me.

In other news, I work an evening shift tonight, but would like to record a Let’s Play after work tonight. I was attempting it with The Sims 3 last night, but the recording showed the game being darker than normal. After some research, I imagine that this may be because my game is not supported for my graphics card, which is a much newer card. I think I can fix the problem in OBS, but I had been hoping to use Nvidia Shadowplay to record. So I may have to record The Sims 3 strictly in OBS, and then record other games like The Sims 4 with Shadowplay. I have a “rags to riches” challenge planned in The Sims 4, with the sim already created, and I may do a Legacy Challenge with The Sims 3.

As for the video editing aspect, I really hope my old Sony Vegas 9 will cooperate with me for editing. If not, I may have to find something else. I will deal with that problem when I come to it. I’m still in the planning stage of the Disney Princess story, but should have that rolling out soon as well. 🙂


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