Back Into the Swing

Well, while our finances still stink to high heaven, I’ve gotten a more….well not regular schedule, but I can see my schedule three weeks in advance now that I’m no longer on a paper schedule. That means I can plan out my gaming better, along with Let’s Plays and streaming as well.

I may try to do my first Let’s Play tonight. I just need to do some preparation, make sure I have everything I need, get everything planned out, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the first one up on YouTube. I think I will also add a “schedule” widget to the sidebar of the blog for streaming purposes, as well as planned LPs and whatnot.

As for streaming, I have streamed Skyrim in the past, and will probably add The Sims 3, and maybe The Sims 4 to the list of streamed games. If I get back into WoW (which I’m itching to do to be honest), I may stream that as well. Stardew Valley is also on the list of streaming games, as are others that I have. Let’s Play episodes may be confined to just The Sims 3, but there’s always the possibility of other games for that in the future.

So stay tuned, as there may be some new goodies appearing this weekend! I mean, hell, everyone is at TwitchCon (I would love to go to that eventually, as well as SDCC and other events) so outside of work and kids, there’s not much else for me to do, and I do miss playing my games.


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