Still Working….and Coughing….

I still haven’t played The Sims in a bit. On top of working, I have been fighting a head cold for the past few days. My son got it, my husband I suspect may have it, but my mother and my daughter so far don’t seem to have gotten it. Or maybe they just handled it better than me.

Finances and such are still dreary, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel? Husband had a phone call (not an interview) that went well and may lead to an interview for a store manager position. He also recently got a lead for a position in another company. I’m optimistic, but cautiously so. Every time I have gotten optimistic, it has ended with disappointment. I’m hoping that this time, it ends with something going right for once.

When it comes to work, I am off the computer training and out on the floor. My supervisor and coworker are both awesome, something else I’m thankful for. I’m glad I’ll be bringing in a small amount of money, and that I can get along with people I work with.

When I get the time, energy, and am done being sick, I may be able to get back to The Sims. In the meantime, I just gotta keep working and resting. ❤


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