Adventures of Madison #5 | TS1

I have to be careful how I play The Sims 1. As there is no real aging (outside of babies becoming children), it could get redundant and boring at some point. So right now, I don’t have a love interest for her, so I’m just gonna get her through her career, take on her vacation, have her do magic, etc. and then I’ll start focusing on family life.

So I went ahead and used a money cheat, because the needs decaying quickly is aggravating. I didn’t do anything to the house, just upgraded things for her needs and added a touch of nice in a couple places.

Kitchen got some upgrades
Had her visit some areas from the Makin’ Magic expansion and meet some people.
Oh look, upgrading the kitchen doesn’t stop her from setting her food on fire.
My biggest mistake in upgrading was NOT GETTING A BURGLAR ALARM. DAMMIT!

TS2 is coming up next!


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