Rumor | The Sims 4 in the City?

So according to Sims Community, the next expansion pack may well be “Life in the City” if rumors and such are true.

Let me just pass on my two cents worth about this mess. Now, there are already a lot of things missing from The Sims 4 that we were absolutely used to in The Sims 3 (I know, you nutcases, toddlers is a big one, you don’t need to say it), but you know what? I don’t give much of a shit about missing toddlers as I do about another aspect they brought back to The Sims 4.


The Sims 1 had them, The Sims 2 had them, but The Sims 3 had minimal load screens (traveling in World Adventures, that sort of thing). In The Sims 4, load screens were brought back, and in my personal experience playing, it’s annoying as hell.

One of the things I loved about The Sims 3, and that set it apart from the rest, was that it was open world. You could move around the world and interact with the other sims wherever. There was no loading screen if you wanted to take them to a park or the gym. You could move around freely and for the most part, absolutely unrestricted.

If this expansion pack is truly going to involve city living, I think it may be pretty shitty, JUST because of the loading screens. You want to walk across the street to a market? Loading screen. You want to buy a hot dog at a vendor? Loading screen. Yeah, I’m being a bit excessive here, but you know what? Loading screens piss me off. I hate them in The Sims 4, but that is ONLY because they did not exist for the most part in The Sims 3. We got spoiled with open worlds in The Sims 3. Then it was as if that freedom to move around without a loading screen got hampered. That’s one of the reasons I feel that The Sims 4 is incomplete. Loading screens suck ass when in previous games, they hardly existed. And I don’t see it changing.

Now, a city living expansion may be fun, but if it’s done right. If you have to deal with a bunch of loading screens, it loses appeal. So I honestly hope that they will make loading screens in this expansion as minimal as possible.

People want their toddlers, I want these loading screens flipping eradicated. I want them GONE. I think The Sims 4 would be 95% better if loading screens did not exist. If your sim could move around the entire world openly, not just free roam around a small neighborhood, but have a loading screen to go to a nightclub or a museum. As usual, I feel that EA took a step back. But, that also being said, this expansion gives them an opportunity, I hope, to resolve at least one of these issues that makes the game so Sims 2.5ish. Time will just have to tell.



8 thoughts on “Rumor | The Sims 4 in the City?

  1. Too many people don’t want to “miss” something or are a slave to having the newest shiniest Toy EA concocts. Oh Sure, with TS3 I preordered all of my packs for the most part and have all of the EA store content for it as well. But to me it was a worthwhile investment, as long as it doesn’t bork up the ass with its issues. TS4 just doesn’t appeal. And a lot of it is the loading screens too. It’s a shame EA decided to put forth such crap, and if people would realize that underneath that new shiny exterior is a tarnished, half assed pack that is going to make them somewhat or mostly miserable and actually thought before they spent their money, maybe EA would finally take a hint

    As of now, all EA has to do is whisper toddler, and people would be lining around the block just to get their hands on it. All I want to see from EA is one of the packs On The House through Origin and then maybe I’ll get it.


    1. Amen, lady. Adding shiny stuff has always gotten a pretty decent response. I think a lot of people probably like World Adventures the least, but I loved being able to travel to those areas and do the Indiana Jones thing. Seasons will always be my favorite of TS2 and TS3.


  2. I agree that something like “City Life” would suck for a game like Sims 4. Too many loading screens to be immersed into the city. I feel like cities really would only go good in an open world. Honestly, I just really want a Pets Expansion… But until then, guess I have to keep going to Sims 3 for that.

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    1. I think The Sims 4 would be a little better with the addition of pets. But yeah, I still play The Sims 3 more than the others. There’s just so much to do and in an open world environment. It took a few expansions to make it that way, but I haven’t seen anything from The Sims 4 that makes me want it all that bad. The loading screens kill some of the fun.


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