Stories | Just a Little Teaser

So, the poll so far has one vote story and one vote Let’s Play. I’m hoping to start the Let’s Play sometime this week. I had a meeting with a potential client last night, and hoping to hear whether or not she will be hiring me by Friday. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I hinted that the story would involve “royalty” and by royalty, I mean Disney Princesses. I haven’t really looked around to see if it’s been done, but I imagine someone must or might have by now, and part of the reason I don’t want to look and see is that I don’t want to be accused of idea theft (not that Disney princesses belong to anyone besides Disney anyway). So, this idea is strictly mine, not inspired by any other simmer who has attempted to do this. Just a disclaimer.

So, I’m going to be starting with Ariel first, obviously. She and Belle are my favorites and the fact that mermaids exist in The Sims 3 just helps this notion right along. I’ll be starting the story soon, and will be adding other princesses into it eventually, most will be in their own world. I may bring them all together in one world at some point, if the story keeps moving along. Given how hectic my life can be at times, anything can happen. I wanted to do this story a long time ago when I was playing more, so I’m finally getting around to trying it. As I move along, I will include polls about future Princesses, villains, etc. to introduce!

Stay tuned for updates!



2 thoughts on “Stories | Just a Little Teaser

  1. Sounds awesome, I’d love to read it. Once Upon a Time is an awesome show, seeing them all interact with one another.

    The only simmer I know who is hung up on Disney Princesses is MadameLee.


    1. I enjoyed Once Upon a Time, I just haven’t seen anything past season 2. I’m way behind. I wanted to do Disney princesses, but I don’t want to rip off OUAT either, so probably best I haven’t seen much of it in awhile lol


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