Builds | Serenity Isle Starter

Yes! Another home has been built in Isla Paradiso, and yes, another home on a private island!


Lemme just get this out of the way. The reason I primarily love Isla Paradiso so much is because of the aspect of private islands. Hell yes. I need one in real life. We are elbow to elbow with three neighbors. One on each side and one behind. Maybe one day, if we win the lottery, or just have really kick ass jobs, or just get lucky in some other way, we will just have a damn private island to get away from everyone. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Anywho, Serenity Isle Starter is right around 15,500, on a 15×25 lot, one bedroom and bathroom, small living, kitchen and dining area, and room for expansion. This is meant to be a home away from home, a home for a single sim or couple (retired sims comes to mind) and has a beach. And again, it’s on its own frickin’ private island. That says it all, really.

This home is best if placed on Serenity Isle in Isla Paradiso. It has no CC, no store content, and pretty much all the basics. The bed is a little more expensive to allow for comfort, the stove and fridge are the same way, but with a budget, it’s not all perfect, but with enough simoleons and such, your sims can easily upgrade!







Home available via The Exchange.




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