First W.I.P. in Forever!

Oh yeah, I’m building again! 😀 This first build of mine is going to be in Isla Paradiso, on one of the smaller islands. It’s gorgeous, and will be perfect for a single sim or a couple who want to get away from it all!

Nice little one-story getaway!

It has great views of one of the resorts as well as views of the water and other islands. It’s the only lot on its island, so it’s very private. The inside is decorated with teals and blues throughout, with a hot tub just off the bedroom. Right now, the home is close to 80K simoleons, so it’s pricey, but worth it!



2 thoughts on “First W.I.P. in Forever!

  1. Gorgeous home. Panoramic view? I’m almost done of my homes for the exchange I am doing and then one more for the host. I may squeeze in one more, but doubtful cuz of work and time constraints. Can’t wait to finally post them lol.


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