Adventures of Madison #4 [TS4]

So I was able to play some The Sims 4 today! I haven’t played very much. Today was the most I’ve ever played The Sims 4. And to be completely honest, I still favor the earlier Sims. TS4 feels horribly incomplete. Now, to be completely fair, I have just the base. I don’t have anything else. No packs, no expansions, nada. So, this could be just a base game thing, but still, compared to The Sims 3, there’s not a whole lot to The Sims 4. There were still more things you could do. The loading screens make me angry too.

Like with TS3, I got her into a premade home and redecorated.

I put her into the writing career and made her a couple of friends, one of them being J Huntington III. And I had no idea he was non-committal until I saw it pop up. Oops.

This should be an interesting relationship.

I wanted to kind of advance things along, get a baby, see how it grows, and then have my thoughts on the absence of toddlers. He’s non-committal? No big, she’ll take what she can get at this point, lol. The end game is a baby, not a marriage. So, they are not married, just living together.

Baby goal achieved!

This probably won’t end well for Madison, being with someone who is non-committal, and even though I’m not a huge fan of The Sims 4 after playing it more, I’m gonna continue to play it and discover whatever else exists. I do like the way the graphics look, the build mode confused the hell out of me to begin with, but I’m getting a little better with it, and I’m still annoyed by those goddamn loading screens. Fuck loading screens. Seriously.

But first…..let me—-never mind.

I’m gonna be doing the posts in order, so I’ll be posting from TS1 for the next post. However, I am planning something, either a Let’s Play or writing (scary thought since I can’t keep with jack shit these days). A LP doesn’t require photo editing and a bunch of writing, but it does require video editing, which I am familiar with, as I used to make LOST fan-videos years back. I have Sony Vegas Platinum 9 and unfortunately it likes to crash while I’m using it. I’m gonna try some tweaks to memory, as I’m thinking that’s the possible culprit. So editing video is not a big deal so long as the program cooperates. And I have OBS from previous Twitch streaming, so I’m already set when it comes to video. Just haven’t decided yet.

I’m not gonna specify what I’ll be writing about if I can get around to it, but it won’t be the same thing as the Let’s Play. With the LP, I’ll probably be going through each TS3 expansion, starting with World Adventures. Even after playing TS3 all these years, I still haven’t seen or done everything, and that’s what I enjoy so much about it. That’s also why TS4 probably feels so incomplete. I’ve been spoiled.

Anyway, I will probably run a poll so you can give me your thoughts on whether I should do a LP, write a fun little story, or both. Watch for that soon!



2 thoughts on “Adventures of Madison #4 [TS4]

  1. Good luck with TS4. I’m not sure I’ll ever really pick it back up again. I may get the packs when they are discounted but for the most part, it’s such a disappointment, IMO. And yeah, loading screens suck -.-


    1. Same here. Free or discounted packs only. I can’t even get No Man’s Sky right now because our finances suck big time. At this moment I wouldn’t even get TS4 packs if they were discounted. Not allowed to spend anything right now unfortunately.


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