Adventures of Madison #3 [TS3]

So, I got the issues from the previous post fixed. I moved her back into the pre-made home in Sunset Valley, used a money cheat, and redecorated and renovated the house. And already it’s looking like she’ll be moving soon.

This house was one of the ugliest in Sunset Valley in my opinion.


So, she’s a witch (like her TS1 and TS2 counterparts), and I started her out in the Architectural Designer career, but since I got a fortune teller area set up in Sunset Valley, I’m gonna move her over to the fortune teller career, which is a little more similar to the TS1 TS2 paranormal careers that she has in those.


I also got her an adorable little kitten to be her familiar. She has picked up the gardening skill in addition to her cooking, handiness, and painting skills, and spends some of her nights doing karaoke, which apparently hurts the ears of other sims.

Such cute.

She’s also developed a little bit of a love life. I was originally gonna have her go after Christopher Steel (my Sunset Valley go-to townie), but he was not interested. She was also talking to Hank Goddard as well.

The lost art of love letter writing.

But then appeared Parker Langerak. Just out of nowhere he contacted her on the online dating site, they started talking, started hanging out, and suddenly they were dating. And there was something “fishy” about him too.

Mermaids in Sunset Valley. This should be interesting.

That is all for The Sims 3 portion for now. Next post will be The Sims 4! 😀



4 thoughts on “Adventures of Madison #3 [TS3]

  1. What are your thoughts on Connor Frio? Cycl0n3 isn’t bad, once you clean him up. Nice update! Glad you got everything straightened away after all of the struggles.


    1. Connor isn’t too bad, and I’ve had a sim date/marry Cycl0n3 in the past and he’s a pretty good option too. Parker has never really crossed my mind which is why she’s with him. Fresh blood lol


  2. LOL. True. I’m never really happy with the premades and need to get them in for plastic surgery before I use them, well some of them anyway. Be fun to do as a challenge, not change their genetics and only have the sim marry townies and see what they end up looking like in Gen 10.


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