Damn it All.

HAI! Had my first wedding for my business, so I have been fairly swamped all damn week and FINALLY got a chance to sit down and play my game.

I had been playing The Sims 3 with Madison. Started her out in the Architectural Designer profession, she had some money saved up, and when I started her out, I had her in one of those pre-made homes with the shitty furniture, and she had enough money that I redecorated the entire house.

Right at the end, as I was about to finish up, the game froze. And I hadn’t saved at all.


My face as I wait and pray that it somehow starts working again.
Nope. Not working. Frozen. Broken. GONE.


I’m an idiot. Well anyway I had to close out the game from task manager, so everything I had done today is non-existent. Pisses me off. So I restarted the game and thought about just using a money cheat (I had not been using cheats in any of the games, just as you know….a goal. Let’s see how long I can last without using a cheat) because the game freezing, to me, is an exception.

Then I decided to just move her to an empty lot, then build. So I do that, I have the exterior build almost completely done, look at the game and think, “I just want her back in that shitty premade house now.”

Yay for absolute indecision! *sigh* I spent so much time building that house to now not want her in it. ARGH! I had told my husband I wouldn’t be in bed too late, but dammit I want to play, and not just build-play, but play-play. It’s my own damn fault for not saving. I haven’t gotten to play anything in a week at least. The wedding photos are all done, the clients have them, I have no work right now, I want to sit down, uninterrupted, for a couple hours, and just PLAY. And don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but he’s been playing games almost everyday. Not all day, of course, but enough to make me jealous. It’s my turn! >=[

So, to my dear husband, if you read this. I love you. I told you I would not be to bed late, but I may be to bed late, because I really, really, REALLY want to play. And I’ve worked so hard this week, and the past couple of nights have been rough, and I just want to sit here and be useless for once. Utterly useless. Just me and a game. And no goofing around, I’m gonna redecorate that damn house and get back to actual game-play. And have a drink. Or two. But I’ll do my best to be to bed at a reasonable hour. And if I’m gonna do that, I need to get started right now. ❤



2 thoughts on “Damn it All.

  1. Mum’s need their “Me” time too ! Especially when you have little ones, AND a job. You need some time to just be you, completely unwind and relax, it’s really important. Otherwise we start to feel frazzled and harried.

    Btw, I had that with my game the other day too. I spent four days creating lots and filling a world with them, and creating Sims, to the point where I felt I didn’t even want to play. I chose my family though, and loaded the game, and at 4am ever after Overwatch had done its thing, my game irrevocably froze and wouldn’t unfreeze again, despite waiting 30 mins.
    It’s usually in indication that some dumbass sim has become stuck somewhere and is trapped, but after that, I just gave up, closed without saving and stashed the world in my backup folder because I was sick of looking at it.


    1. Oh yeah I’ve had the little mini freezes or sometimes full blown freeze during live mode. This one happened during build mode, and trying to click on buy, live, or even options didn’t do anything. The cursor did its spinning for 10 minutes and I said screw it.

      On the up side, I got her back into the pre made house, used a money cheat, completely redecorated, and have been playing her for a bit. I will probably post about it tomorrow if I have time.

      And absolutely, gotta get that “me” time in so I don’t lose my sanity. Today’s adventure was listening to Little Einsteins on Netflix for around 8 hours and mowing the yard in almost 90 degree heat. Treated myself to some gameplay afterwards and will probably do the same tomorrow! 😀


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