Simming Polls….not this @#$% again.

I want to say this first and foremost. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting anything in a game they enjoy. You want magic in The Sims, you want seasons, you want pets, you want toddlers, fine. Nothing wrong with that in the least.

It’s the MMQ (Monday morning quarterbacking – AKA – telling someone what they should do when you have never done it yourself) of a multi-million dollar company and stomping your feet while screaming “WE WANT IT NAO!” that tends to grate the nerves of what I consider to be reasonable players of the game. The ones who see yet another “GIVE IT TO US!” thread (which is currently about toddlers and their lack of existence from the game) and roll their eyes so hard their eyeballs nearly get stuck that way. Now, hey, when they first announced The Sims 4, and they mentioned toddlers weren’t in it? Yeah, I was like “what the hell is this? Sims 2.5?” But you know what? I kinda got over it. Mostly because I have other things going on in my life besides gaming (and frankly, I miss that. I miss having to worry about that and only that. But that’s the thing about being an adult. You have responsibilities.)

EA seeing yet another toddlers thread.


Typical behavior occurring in a toddlers thread.

Now, if you’re one of those who want toddlers but you’re actually a reasonable human being about it, kudos to you. As I stated previously, there is nothing wrong with wanting a feature in your game. But one toddlers thread I saw was enough to make a vein start throbbing in my forehead. In fact, a couple responses I saw to those who expressed the opinion that they did not in fact want toddlers made me face palm. And it has a poll of course……a shitty one.

Really? How would it hurt your game that everyone else would get to play with toddlers? You know they can make it so you can jump past the life stage, yes? Why would you want to be so selfish and have the game ruined for everybody else? Really, why? I don’t get it. Especially why you have to post such a big picture. Nobody is forcing you to play toddlers, just as nobody is forcing you to play elders, or teens, or kids, or aliens. Why be so petty? – Aine

Only Captain Picard can face palm. Nobody else.

Why would you want to be so selfish and have the game ruined for everybody else?

Well, why would you want to be so selfish and have the game ruined for people who don’t want toddlers? We could ask you the same question, Aine. Good f***ing grief.

Nobody is forcing you to play toddlers….

Nobody is forcing you to play them either….if you know what I mean….

Get it? Because toddlers aren’t even in it? Did I need to explain it? Probably.

It’s the general tone, not only of the thread, but the poll. A simple and neutral yes/no/idk poll would have sufficed. Instead the creator of this pile of garbage makes it a point to assume that those who would buy an expansion that contains a “base feature” (toddlers aren’t a base feature in The Sims 4, or it would have been included) are “rich” and don’t care. No. We just have these things called jobs. We also understand that EA is a business, and as such, their bottom line is not pandering to the whims of a bunch of entitled children, it’s to make a profit so they can remain in business and continue making games that you will continue to bitch about, whether you get those damn toddlers or not. Something else will be wrong. There will be more polls, more threads, more whining, pissing and moaning.

I thought this comment was rather funny:

308 Yes votes so far

45 No votes

87 Percent of the 353 people want them.Simple speak 8 out of every ten simmers almost 9 but somehow they are still not in game.

Then you can hardly go on a Sim youtube video without seeing the want for them

Tons of threads

Etc etc

Then the powers that be pretend these things are invisible.

Yep. A whopping 300+ out of millions approve of having toddlers in the game. Look, again, this is a multi-million dollar company in the business of developing and producing games. I can tell you, they have someone running the numbers. They know more than you do. 300+ people is not a green light when you consider how many people actually play. 175 million copies of the first three games alone. 11 million copies initial release of The Sims 4. You need a way bigger number than 300, and making the assumption that millions want them is not evidence.

Besides, those of us who have been playing The Sims as long as we have, know that this is the norm for EA. They may include toddlers eventually, but it will be a small part of a big expansion that has something nice and shiny that will encourage you to buy it. They’re not gonna release an expansion called “Toddlers!” They’ll release “Pets! – oh by the way, we put toddlers in for ya. Thanks for the money!” because the Pets will draw you in, and the toddlers will be icing on the cake. That’s how they get you. That’s how it’s been done before, and obviously it works since they are still selling millions, hundreds of millions, of copies. So…..good luck I guess?

Anyway, can we just stop being a bunch of crybabies? Have some “world peace” in the simming community? Be thankful that there are sims games we are able to play? Count blessings? Stop being bratty? Shut up? Maybe?




6 thoughts on “Simming Polls….not this @#$% again.

  1. Or don’t buy it? I haven’t gotten past the base game, having toddlers or not on a game I don’t play makes me care very little. Of course, avoiding the TS4 section altogether makes me very happy as I won’t have to see anyone crying over what they do or don’t have.

    I haven’t seen one expansion pack that makes me want to run out and buy it, which is completely fine because I have TS3 and I am happy with it. I’ve been improving my building and interior design. Can’t wait to show you these houses I am working on. Got the inspiration from a house near where I live that I thought was a cute idea.

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    1. I haven’t gotten past the base either. I haven’t honestly been paying attention. The work one looks good, I’ve seen someone play it and it looks cool, but I haven’t been paying attention other than that. What’s the newest one? lol. And I look forward to seeing the houses! I miss building so much!


  2. I couldn’t even tell you what the new one is. I’m sure we will have it at work soon enough. I know I saw it advertised on Origin but I haven’t really paid that my attention to it either.

    I snuck off to Gift & Gathering and they have these homemade gift exchanges, which is so much fun. We all get a buddy that we make gifts for. I’m very excited for this weekend where I can spend some time finishing them off.

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  3. Yeah. After I left the modelling scene, I wound up there. It was just what I needed too. The contests were fun. We put on this huge Holiday party for everyone there, tons of gifts and contests and we included everyone’s holiday as well so no one would feel left out.

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