Adventures of Madison #1 [TS1]

So I started out playing Madison on The Sims 1. It can be so tough to do anything else but take her to work. Her needs decay so quickly (especially comfort) and if her environment sucks, well she’s not gonna be happy.

The bane of nearly every Sims household. The kitchen fire.

I got her a job in the Paranormal field so she has been working late nights, trying to keep a garden, do magic, and take care of her cat, Buttons. Forget planting carrots because a rabbit keeps showing up to eat them. However, the cat tends to take care of that rabbit whenever he shows up.

How about you piss off, Thumper?

I hardly ever have time to take her anywhere. She gets home, cleans up messes constantly (she doesn’t flush the damn toilet EVER and the litter box needs consistent cleaning, the trash can goes full after two trash deposits, there are flies everywhere, mice in some places, and sometimes she has to spray bugs even though her house stays fairly clean, as much as can be for one person running the house).


I have her paint, as it brings in a little cash and ups her fun. With no days off from work (no monday-sunday, just day after day).

Here’s the question. How in the hell do I get anything done without hiring a maid or having her marry some bread-winner so she can stay at home and keep the house from falling apart? Damn this game is hard. LOL

Next post will be from The Sims 2!



4 thoughts on “Adventures of Madison #1 [TS1]

  1. There is hardly time now to get anything done lol. Although the relativity mod is a work of genius. Thank you Twallan. As for the graphics issue in TS3. I have a friend who is a computer technician he may have some ideas that could help.

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    1. I got it all figured out. My card is a Nvidia GTX 960 which is newer than the games and not supported. So after looking into it, I figured out that I need to limit the fps. When I looked at how much the fps was in the game, it was 300 consistently at least, which probably would have fried my card eventually. So I went into my card’s setting and turned the fps onto 60fps at max, got my graphics settings back up, and ta da. Game looks great, and stays under 60fps. 😀


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