A Little Sims 1 Game Play

This game is too funny. Playing it for the first time in a long time, I realized that the music and game effects are really “retro.” Well, I already knew about the music. I’ve always loved the music. But it’s when something bad happens, like the guy hitting on Bella Goth in front of Mortimer, that I realized the sound effects have a 40s feel.

Anyway, meet the Schitt Family.

The Schitt Family is comprised of Dum Schitt and Aww Schitt (if you don’t get the joke by now, just say the first and last name quickly, haha!) So their first day was interesting. Aww Schitt (the female) got a job as a mail clerk while Dum Schitt wreaked havoc by making a pass at Bella (Mortimer obviously wasn’t happy), then catching fire to dinner.

Oh, nostalgia. Ha!



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