The Sims 1

OMG! So, I was meandering around a local thrift store with my mom when I spotted a familiar gold box on the counter. It was The Sims Double Deluxe. I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I looked it over, pulled out the discs and inspected them, and got all giddy. So then I started rifling through the video game drawers out of curiosity, trying to see if I could find any of the expansions, and I damn sure did!

The only expansions I couldn’t find were my two favorites: Makin’ Magic and Vacation. It kind of sucks, but you never know, I may find them one day. In the meantime, I got Double Deluxe (which has the base game, Livin’ Large, and House Party), Hot Date, Unleashed, and Superstar for a WHOPPING $3.80. No. Shit.


So when I got home, they all installed just fine, but I did find the crack to be able to get the game to run on Windows 10. The game fired right up and I was so excited! And man, did it bring back some nostalgia! I had forgotten just how basic everything was. The CAS, the build and buy modes, the game play, the graphic options (can play in either 800×600 or 1024×768 – Oh hell.) What I really found amusing was when I was installing, a window popped up that said the space required is 64MB…….WUT. Then it had the nerve to tell me I didn’t have enough space (LOL). Then the whole “would you like to install AOL 7.0?” Quick question, does AOL still exist in any form? I don’t even know anymore.


Man, it just brought back so many memories. I got on and played for 10 minutes before I had to take care of a bunch of stuff, but I’m hoping to get some playtime in pretty soon, maybe even a little tonight. I am so happy I found this! This is gonna be fun! 😀



4 thoughts on “The Sims 1

    1. Depending on which expansion you have (I have Superstar), you gotta get a “fixed.exe” that will start the game properly in compatibility mode. I got mine from the link here:

      When you download the one you need, extract it and copy/paste the .exe into your Sims folder, which you can find in your Program Files x86/Maxis/The Sims. It’ll replace the old .exe. Double click that and it “should” start. No guarantees, but it did work for me without any issues. Good luck!

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      1. I believe Makin’ Magic was the last expansion, so that will be the one you want the fixed.exe for. Hopefully if you try it, it works for you!

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