The Mares, the Vid, and the Karma.

So in my absence (I have a two year old and a four month old, and I’ve started a business – I don’t have time for much of anything gaming-related outside of news, maybe a little twitch, etc.) I heard that there was an argument (of sorts) between TMN and VidKid.

Reading up on everything, I’m not shocked. I’m not angry. I’m not anything except very fucking amused by the entire situation.

My opinion? BLM is equivalent to the new wave of feminism, where an extremist group of assholes ruin a good cause for the people who TRY to do good. BLM ruins the reputations of those trying in the best way possible for blacks to be treated fairly and without racism. I am sure that in some aspects, BLM does good, but I have yet to see it. I blame that partially on our media, who loves creating divide. The same with our politicians. I support groups who act like adults, not children. Blocking highways, taking over Bernie Sander’s mic (Taking control of his mic at a rally in Seattle, half an hour away from me, and this man walked with MLK Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement), burning fucking American flags or otherwise desecrating them is childish and disgusting behavior. I will never support people who attempt to destroy MY damn flag. They would gain more support if they behaved like the groups of old Civil Rights movements. Protests were often peaceful, marches, walks, etc. Not blocking major highways like I5 (which does nothing but get them on the news, which doesn’t give them good publicity)……you know what? I need to stop. I don’t support that group. I support people who go about it the right way. I support immigrants who gain citizenship here the right way. I support feminists who don’t commit misandry. I don’t support SJWs. I don’t support the angry orange creamsicle known as You-Know-Who. I don’t support Hillary Clinton. I don’t support Bernie Sanders. Just for anyone who was questioning what I do support. I support common fucking sense. There you go. Don’t even get me started on the processes of our electoral college, gerry-mandering, and all the bullshit that basically makes your Presidential vote absolutely fucking useless. I would be here all day writing about it, and I just don’t have the time.

That being said, I have one question for Vid. What did you think would happen? Honestly? It was only a matter of time. TMN hasn’t changed. They’ve always made jokes that were “questionable” and borderline offensive. You’re just not okay with it now because the joke is about a cause you firmly believe in or people you are friends with. Reading through their blog, not a damn thing has changed. It’s only changed for you because it hits close to home for you. Because it hit people you like. Anyone you didn’t like, to hell with them, the jokes were funny and the treatment was acceptable. That’s where I find all of this amusing. I wasn’t sure how long it would take before you pulled an Issac Hayes (He voiced “Chef” from South Park before his death, but left the show after taking offense at jokes toward his religion. But if those jokes were about other religions, he didn’t mind in the least) and got all butthurt, but it did seem to take quite a long while.

When I went after TMN, I didn’t go after them because of how they treated my allies. I went after them based on how they treated my enemies, who were still people. That’s all we are. People. Different opinions and all. Pepperbutt is the only one who kept contact for a little while after it all happened. I didn’t do it to make nice with them. I didn’t do it because they brainwashed me into a group. I did it because I felt the treatment they were receiving was wrong. But was I wrong? Yep. Because I should have just stayed the hell out of everything and paid attention to my game. I should have looked at TMN and said “you know what? I don’t have the time or energy for this anymore.” Because nothing comes from this shit. The covert ops and spying doesn’t do jack shit. TMN is still here and will likely remain here as long as they want, and they are perfectly allowed to be. The only good thing I consider myself having been a part of was getting rid of Sesert. That situation was in dire need of attention. And I’m glad that I had the support and help that I had of everyone who helped. Hell, the people that supported us but couldn’t or didn’t know how to help. I’m glad they were there too.

Vid, when I went after TMN, you turned your back on me and said some pretty nasty things to me. TMN aren’t racist because they make jokes about BLM. They aren’t racist because they don’t agree with some of the things that the group does. You’re angry because you don’t like their opinion, but that doesn’t make them racist. TMN and I have had our falling out, I wish them well, just like I have wished everyone well in the community since my disappearance, but they are doing the same thing they have done since I first heard of them. They haven’t changed. YOU have. Accept that for what it is and don’t be mad at them because you no longer like what they say. You’ll be happier for it.


12 thoughts on “The Mares, the Vid, and the Karma.

  1. Nicely said! I did mention that it would probably be for the best not to get into a back and forth and I find it really surprising that they even bothered to mention me at all since they removed me from their blog and haven’t said two words about me prior. But then again I disagreed with them, so Oh No, I must be “set straight”. I don’t believe they are being racist. Questionable for sure and I disagree with the approach that was taken, but other than that, I haven’t commented too much about it. One time thing on the blog is more than enough, and they can keep checking out my blog to see if I am going to “blow up” at them all they want. It’s not something that bears repeating myself.

    Incidentally, L.B asked after you as I have been talking to Vid, LB and Cat (bury the hatch and just move on, which lead me and JKA talking again). I said you were around but busy and I had no idea when you would pop up again. It is good to see/hear from you. I’ve missed ya! I’ll be looking forward to catching up on your updates.

    How are the kids and hubby btw? And what’s the new business you ventured into?

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    1. One thing that’s true to form is that if you disagree with them, they are quick to cut ties. I remember when they did that with FuryRed.

      I remember JKA and Cat, but remind me of LB? Not placing the initials.

      It’s nice to be back (I pop around sporadically, haha!)

      Kids are good. The boy is a little over 2, the girl is 4 months now, husband graduated with his MBA and is currently speaking with a few companies about work, and I ventured into photography. I started out with landscapes and nature, and now have moved into portrait photography as well. It’s been rolling slowly as it’s a new business, but getting there. 😀 It’s nice seeing you again!


  2. I can’t really remember, I want to say Lisa? But I think I’ve always seen her as L.B. and that could be confusing her with someone else. She’s more of a lurker than anything else. She came to Vid’s blog via the Mares, it’s how she “met” everyone. She’s nice though. When she asked me about you (although now I’m questioning whether it was Cat, but I’m 95% sure it was LB, lol, my memory is being taken up by other crap), Vid asked me to say hi. Although she also realized that you’d probably want nothing to do with her either. I think Vid realized just how much being friends with the Mares and standing with them impacted the choices she made and the ties she severed. Maybe she’ll finally move on.

    Kinda glad I went to laying low and just doing my own thing, too old to be getting caught up in all that drama.

    Aww, so happy things are going well for you. Good luck in your new business, hope it’s very successful! I ended up trading in my piece of crap job for a better one, although got some brats working with me that will eventually be gone (one in a month). Also got some amazing ones that are just so fun to work with.

    Personally though, life sucks lol. Most of the family is a bunch of tools, parents included, and no significant other on the horizon. Not where I wanted to be, but I’m not going to get too hung up about it. I’m sure something will give somewhere. In the meantime, with my birthday coming up, I’m just not going to acknowledge it this year. Well in RL anyway, I do wish Zeri and I a Happy Birthday every year since it’s the same day lol.

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    1. Hmm, I know of a Lisa that was involved in simming, but I don’t think she got into the mares as far as my knowledge goes.

      I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going as well as you’d like, but that’s good that you’ve changed up jobs, especially if you’re current one is better than previous. I don’t talk to much of my own family. My mom, aunt and one cousin, the rest I don’t. I’m with you there.

      You two have the same birthday? I think I remember that, but I’m not entirely positive. It sounds familiar lol. When is it? I’m gonna acknowledge it. 😀


  3. Yeah, I am probably confusing her with someone else.

    Well there is always next year for improvements. I didn’t even spend Christmas with them this past year, just tired of dealing with their crap and I’m not looking to spend this year with them either. It was actually kinda nice not arguing with someone over the holidays. I went to the movies instead and had a great time. My dad is trying, in between preaching about Church, politics and whatever else he can find that is controversial.

    It’s the 27th of August and yeah it was one of those fail posts where the Mares thought we were the same age and same day of birth lol.


    1. That’s true. Dads, huh. My dad has no problem living on food stamps (he nicknamed it the “Obama diet”) while griping about the food stamps and how much he doesn’t get. But he’s perfectly capable of working. I haven’t spoken to him in three years. Last time I sought him out, it was to send him a birth announcement for his grandson, and I did not include a return address on the envelope. There is entirely too much drama with him and his wife.


  4. See, after my parents split and dad and his new wife got together he’s been a lot calmer, but ya know, damage being done as it was . . .my younger brother is a good sort. He and I get into it at times, but for the most part he’s chill. He bought an air conditioner for his room, and when he comes back in the afternoons, he turns it on and leaves the door open so the place cools down before I get back home. Which is not necessary for me, my temperature runs colder than most other people, but I’m sure the cats appreciate it lol.

    I’ve never really understood how people could do that though. I had a roommate and got her a job, and then turns around and claims social assistance for whatever reason. After that I refused to work with friends, be roommates with people I work with or be actual friends outside of work with people. There are those very rare exceptions, but for the most part, naw thanks.

    No sense in having the kids being subjected to that kinda drama, especially so young. Wish our generation’s parents would just smarten the hell up lol.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve run into an issue recently about my business and a friend who was less than respectful about my work. That being said, I haven’t talked to her since, and I don’t really plan to for awhile. It pissed me off. Friends + Business = Bad Idea.

      My dad is a special sort of weirdo. Too lazy to work, always found an excuse not to do stuff. Wouldn’t come to be with me when my mom was in the hospital (they divorced when I was five, but amicable) and wouldn’t come to the hospital when I had my first child (because he hates hospitals so much). More than happy to sit on assistance and still complain about it. He’s completely backwards. He also uses racial and sexual slurs, etc. I just don’t associate with him. But the thing is I’ve had people call me in the past (I’m originally from Missouri, where my dad is, and I’m in Washington now) looking for his wife. Like she owes them money. They are lawyers. And I’m somehow listed as a contact. That’s where I finally had enough and said I didn’t want anything to do with them ever again. And here’s the thing, my brother-in-law…..(husband’s brother, no way related to me) got the same exact phone call and he lives in Wisconsin. So my in-laws are getting this crap. It hasn’t happened in awhile, but I was flaming pissed when I heard about it. This could just be some weird scam thing, it could be they can’t contact my dad or his wife so they do some digging and find me and my husband’s family to contact, whatever. But it’s pissing me off tremendously. Last time I had a phone call I knew my dad’s number and address and passed it over like “here you go, now leave me the hell alone.”

      I want nothing to do with my dad, I want nothing to do with his wife especially (when they got married, she was nice enough to call me and tell me that they had to get my parents’ marriage annulled, because she’s catholic, and tell me “that doesn’t mean you’re illegitimate or anything – which actually it fucking is, but thanks anyway, but my parents didn’t get married until mom was pregnant with me, so technically illegitimate anyway, but whatever), and I definitely don’t want anything to do with their drama and legal issues. I can’t understand how I’m from the same gene pool as that man. I don’t begrudge anyone on assistance, but it’s when they are perfectly capable of working and choose not to that I take an issue. My dad’s just a lazy S.O.B.


  5. That is just unbelievable. What a thing to live with. I can see why you don’t want to be associated with them. Sounds like it would just be a lot of stress and justifiable anger. They don’t seem like the type to waste a lot of energy on and to involve your husband’s family is just low. I would have been incredibly pissed off too.

    I’m glad my family isn’t twisted in that way, but I get the psychological warfare. Not good enough, too fat, you’re smart, but you could be doing more with your life. Too blunt, too sensitive. Lazy. Your friends aren’t good enough. Treat your brothers with more respect. Be nicer to your family and on and on and on. Ugh! But of course when they want help, they’re less critical until they get what they want. Then of course I really drew the line when my older brother put me $450 in the hole with interest and Dad decided to question my political beliefs as I voted Liberal with Trudeau than Conservative or NDP. Not like he can talk, Obama is no prize winner and the candidates running now aren’t either. Then of course he decided to become a born again Christian and has been laying the religion on a bit too thick. I respect people’s beliefs, but don’t force feed it to me either. My grandmother did that and was quite a nasty bitch about it when I was living with her.

    Like gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married, or transgender is wrong. I LOST it. I have friends who are gay and I believe they deserve the same freedoms as everyone else. I mean it’s fine if someone is uncomfortable with it or doesn’t like it, but it’s like anything else, don’t like don’t associate with it.

    There’s just some people ya just don’t need in your life and if it happens to be family, well I’ve always been a firm believer that you make your own family.

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    1. The psychological warfare sucks. I am so sorry you have to deal with that. Doesn’t surprise me that they are “nicer” when asking for something for you. I hate that type of behavior. And the whole born-again Christian thing and the shoveling beliefs down your throat is ridiculous too.

      And absolutely, you make your own family.Totally agree. I’d do more for some of my friends than some of my “family.”


  6. Yeah. I don’t really pay much attention to them anymore. I make my feelings known and if they can’t respect me or show more of an effort in trying to be civil, well I don’t mind severing ties if it means my peace of mind.

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