Hello 2016!

The New Year has begun (yesterday, but you’ll have to forgive me, as my husband and I have spent the past couple days playing one of the Christmas gifts he got for me, which is Star Wars: The Card Game). I’m finally back at a computer after spending time at our kitchen table either kicking his ass or getting my ass kicked. He’s light side, I’m dark side. Bwahaha!

Anyway, I haven’t updated on my sims here. I have on my Simblr (check it out!), so I’m posting a snippet or two here as well. As per my last simming post, Ariel is now a child. So far, she’s a virtuoso, a couch potato, and she loves the cold. She played the toy xylo as a toddler, so she is fully ready to start rocking out with musical instruments soon enough. I’m happy that I was finally able to get her bedroom set up upstairs. I am really loving the family home! I have also created an indoor greenhouse for Ellie to garden in, as I have that annoying garden bug where after dormancy plans come back with harvest status, but there’s nothing to harvest on them. I figure an indoor greenhouse may serve as a great substitute and I don’t have to deal with any issues arising after winter. If that doesn’t work, I will have to figure out something else until a mod becomes a last resort.

They have just moved into winter so this is just a couple of bits about their fall!


Family pumpkin carving!


Josh won the contest!


She loves purple, like her mother, and obviously I represented that in her bedroom!

I hope you all had a great new year celebration, and I look forward to seeing what my fellow simmers do with their games in this brand new year!


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